Embed YouTube Video in WordPress

Embed YouTube Video in WordPress

Although WordPress enables embedding YouTube videos from within the editor they usually show related videos at the end which encourages your readers to leave your website. This is how I embed a YouTube video in WordPress with the ability to choose the size and not show the related videos. Just follow the easy step-by-step instructions in this video:

[monkeytools msnip=”http://monkeyplayr.com/playr.php?u=1161&p=1899″]

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10 thoughts on “Embed YouTube Video in WordPress”

  1. Marion,

    Thanks for this easy and wonderfully informative technique.

    With all the talk about websites “Responsiveness” running into display problems because of all the different devices used today to view websites this is a great tip to help control how things will display for our readers.

    Marion thanks and I really have enjoyed the rest of your site as well, my best,



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