Add Music To WordPress Blogs

Add Music To WordPress Blogs

You can engage your visitors emotionally with relevant, customized background music when you add music to WordPress blogs. Your visitors can pause the music if desired.

  1. Add music to WordPress blogNavigate to Add New Plugin and search for WordPress Music by righTune.
  2. Install and activate the plugin.
  3. Navigate to Settings → WordPress Music.
  4. Go to righTune’s sign up page and sign in with your email address, password and website.
  5. Select the color and placement of your music player (I chose dark and bottom right).
  6. Select type of music, purpose, age group of visitors etc.
  7. Enter your website’s URL.
  8. Click on the Get Code button.
  9. Click on the Copy button in the new window.
  10. Return to your WordPress Music settings page.
  11. Paste the copied code into the window where it says “Paste script code here”.
  12. Click on the Save Changes button.
  13. Visit your website.
  14. Listen to the music and enjoy.

Now you know how to add music to WordPress blogs.

Please leave a comment below as I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for the idea! Was very enlightening, really. I usually just considered music on a video, but you showed me a great way to improve a website! Thank you so much!


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