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Marion BlackHi, my name is Marion Black.

I have been active online for many years and the only monetary gain I received until recently was from selling eBooks on my own HTML website before I started using WordPress.

I spent thousands of dollars trying to sell various entrepreneurs’ products and training, learning nothing except that I needed to upgrade (at a huge cost) to be included in their training which was mostly live webinars at inconvenient times (because I did not live in the same country and I still had a life). Then a further upgrade (a huge cost again) to become an affiliate to sell their courses. What a rip-off!

I would like to use this website to tell my readers how to avoid internet scams like that and to recommend the only one that I have found to be honest, reliable, helpful and definitely not a scam: Wealthy Affiliate.

Learn How to Build a Successful Online Business

Visit Wealthy Affiliate and join for free to experience the joy of belonging to a helpful, caring community. You can earn while you learn as there are two courses available immediately for free members. I like to try before I buy. Do you?


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7 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Love your website Marion. There are heaps of cool things here to dig into.
    Yes there are a lot of scams online and I’ve decided to take your word for it on the Wealthy Affiliate and so far I love it, too.

    Even little old me now has a website thanks to you!

    Thanks for the awesome information you’ve provided and please do keep it coming.


  2. Marion, I can only agree to what you are saying. Only joined WA recently and am so glad I finally found a good educational programm with no upsells and great support. Sibylle

    • I’m so glad you found Wealthy Affiliate, Sibylle. It really is a great way to learn about blogging with WordPress.
      Do let me know how I can help you as you progress through the lessons.

  3. Marion I love the idea of WA. I’m a little bit slow off the mark and am restricted as I only have access to a wireless network. I am working as hard and fast as I can to build a reliable online business website coupled with benefits similar to bitcoins. Incidently the CAPTCHA code is part and parcel of the bitcoin history, 🙂 which many would not be aware of. I really appreciate your time, Marion. I have a 16 month old son whom is a blessing and always happy and fortunately fell asleep which gave me some daylight time to get into surfing other members and checking out their blogs. Hope the coming week is brilliant for you.

  4. I can relate to all of what you say here Marion… There’s so much that’s not legitimate it irks me… Building a website slowly…


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