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Marion BlackHi, my name is Marion Black.

I have been active online for many years and the only monetary gain I received until recently was from selling eBooks on my own HTML website before I started using WordPress.

I spent thousands of dollars trying to sell various entrepreneurs’ products and training, learning nothing except that I needed to upgrade (at a huge cost) to be included in their training which was mostly live webinars at inconvenient times (because I did not live in the same country and I still had a life). Then a further upgrade (a huge cost again) to become an affiliate to sell their courses. What a rip-off!

I would like to use this website to tell my readers how to avoid internet scams like that and to recommend the only one that I have found to be honest, reliable, helpful and definitely not a scam: Wealthy Affiliate.

Learn How to Build a Successful Online Business

Visit Wealthy Affiliate and join for free to experience the joy of belonging to a helpful, caring community. You can earn while you learn as there are two courses available immediately for free members. I like to try before I buy. Do you?


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