6 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

6 Important Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate marketing – some people make it out to be this big scary thing that you can’t possibly succeed at, while others make it sound like all you need to do is pop up an ad and you’ll make millions. Somewhere in the middle is the truth about affiliate marketing.

For those who are not really familiar with affiliate marketing it’s a way to generate income by selling other people’s products. While there are a number of things you can do to make sure you’re successful, these 6 important affiliate marketing tips are ones that everyone should know. Done right you can definitely generate multiple streams of income through affiliate marketing and the beauty of this is that you don’t tie up any of your own money on stocking products.

You don’t have to use these tips to be successful in your affiliate marketing but there is no question they will definitely help with your success.

#1 Always Choose Products That You are Happy to Recommend

Affiliate Marketing TipsThere are millions of products on the market for sale and a good percentage run affiliate programs so finding the right affiliate product is definitely feasible. You need to research products and find those that you believe in. You need to be happy to recommend the product if you plan to sell it to other people. Do you believe the product you are selling is worthy of promotion, that it is something that others should know about and use? Will it solve someone’s problem? If you answered yes then it’s a product worth selling.

#2 Do Not Sell the Product Directly

Don’t sell the product directly like it’s yours. Rather promote the product based on your experiences. For example, rather than selling the product direct, talk about it in terms of ‘My experience,’ ‘I used and liked,’ ‘This product helped me…’ You get the idea. By promoting the product in this manner, you help to build trust with your visitors who see you as being helpful rather than someone selling something. The pressure disappears and the visitors are far more likely to make a purchase.

#3 Use a Plugin for Prettier Affiliate Links

You want to eliminate those long ugly affiliate links. You can do this with the free “Pretty Link Lite” plugin, which will create affiliate links that are short and more pleasant to look at. It will also increase your click through rate.

Let’s look at an example. This could be an affiliate link for a typical affiliate program: “http://www.affiliateprogram.com/t.cfm?A=223794&U=243865&M=17641&urllink= and samplelink.com/recommending/this-product/” – with the use of a Pretty Link it would look something like this “http://yourdomain.com/recommends” or something similar.

A major advantage of using a Pretty Link is that if you no longer want to recommend a particular product you can reuse the link for a different affiliate product. You won’t need to find every place you’ve left the link to change it, just edit the Pretty Link and you’re done. The free plugin I use is called “Pretty Link Lite” it can even count your clicks and unique clicks.

#4 Write Lots of Reviews

Using written reviews is an excellent working strategy. This is one of the best tips floating around. With your review you will talk about the product on a page. One product to one page. You will tell the readers about the product you are reviewing, both pros and cons, to provide your readers with insight. You might also compare products.

You can get the most out of your reviews by creating a category strictly for reviews. Make sure it’s visible to your visitors. Use a star system to rate the products you review. The stars indicate the quality of the product. The more visible your reviews the more likely your sales are to increase.

#5 Use Images in Your Reviews

Use 2 or 3 images in each review to show off the product and the benefits of the product to your readers. Yes, the benefits are more important than the features, so use images to show how the product can improve your readers’ lives.

#6 Promote Only Products That Can Make You Money

Affiliate Marketing TipsThere’s an endless array of products on the market that you could review, but stick to those that can actually make you a decent commission and forget those that don’t pay well. This doesn’t mean avoid low ticket items. A $10 item might have a 20% commission and a $100 item might have a 10% commission. It’s easier to sell cheap products. But what it does mean is you should avoid the $10 item that pays $1 commission or the $100 item that pays you a couple of dollars. Choose your affiliate products wisely. Your goal is to build a profitable income stream so keep that in mind.

There you have it – 6 practical tips that can help you have a successful affiliate marketing program.

Honest affiliate marketing is a great way to enjoy multiple sources of income. Internet users are tired of being fed lies and being offered products that are inferior or useless. Your readers are demanding more! By offering affiliate marketing products that are usable and of great quality you significantly increase the likelihood of selling the products. You too can make money through affiliate marketing.

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